Work History

1985-1990 Set Designer, Photogroup (Fred Meyer advertising photo studio)
I designed and built sets for the studio. I did creative paint techniques, photo prop building and custom lighting equipment, also photography and assisting in the studio. I worked in fashion, product, jewelry and food photography.

1990-1992 System Manager, Fred Meyer Advertising
I managed 75 Macs and several PCs, did software training, designed the ad templates, managed the prepress system and did production work in my spare time. I oversaw the transition of the advertising department from using custom prepress software to Quark Xpress.

1992-1995 Self-employed
During this period, I did consulting and systems work for several companies and about 25 designers around Portland, and did several CD-ROMs for different publishers, including OMSI, Creative Multimedia, Voyager, Softkey and Precision Guides. During this period I also did freelance publishing work for several companies, including product packaging, associated advertising and photo retouching. My other clients included Fred Meyer, Norm Thompson, CB&S Advertising, Vertical Solutions, Wy'East and Boyd's Coffee.

1995-2004 Web Developer, CollegeNET, Inc
Hired first for several multimedia projects, I quickly became a web designer and later also a programmer for CollegeNET, an educational software company specializing in scheduling software for colleges and online admissions. I wrote most of the initial code and did prototyping and R&D. I designed front ends to both database-driven and static sites, and taught classes in HTML, Javascript and CSS. I set up web templates, accessability and taught Dreamweaver for several departments, and was the Mac IT person, managing about 10 Macs, file, print and web servers, as well as scanners and printers for the marketing department. For marketing, I did print collateral, such as brochures, ads, signage, and trade show materials.

2005-2006 Application Specialist, The Oregonian
This was a contract job with the Oregonian, training their ad department in InDesign and managing their transition from Quark. I also designed their online ad reservation website.

2007-2010 Self-employed
Freelance work in consulting, web design, music performance and production. Subcontracted for Rightway Business Services, doing websites, advertising materials and Powerpoint presentations. I've also done design and web work for Herndon Recognition and Metal Arts Group.